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                • Worldwide import and export sea services
                • FCL services via direct and transhipment carriers
                • LCL consolidation services
                • Open Top / Flat Fack / Reefer containers etc 
                • Chartering/ Break bulk /Project shipments/Steel cargo/ Auto etc 
                • Worldwide import and Export Air Services
                • Direct and Consolidated options
                • Complete documentation processing
                • Over dimensional project shipments
                • Dangerous Goods documentation/handling

                • Air/Sea/Parcel Post Clearances
                • Customs license/files agent 
                • Commodity Inspection Certificate
                • Tariff consultation and advice
                • Duty drawback and refund applications
                • Centralized national clearance  - option port lodgment
                • Paperwork preparing
                • Duty/GST consultancy for all import and export commodities
                • Cargo insurance agency
                • CO/Form-A/Form-E/Embassy stamped
                • Fumigation
                • Shipment status reports
                • Customer Service/Warm care